Let me ask you a few questions ...

  • do you feel so stressed out at the moment that it is destroying your day to day life?
  • do you find yourself endlessly worrying about the same thing (an exam or event) to the point of going mad?
  • are you unable to stop stop feeling anxious and nervous about anything and everything at the moment?
  • is your stress stealing valuable time away from you and your family?
  • is your stress interfering with or ruining your ability to perform at work?
  • on top of everything, has stress caused you to gain unnecessary weight?
  • has your stress taken away your ability to remain focused on anything whatsoever?
  • has your stress left you unable to sleep properly and you walk round like a zombie during the day?
  • are you always always feeling run down at the moment and becoming ill more often than you used to?


If so, you are not alone, and are one of the countless number of people experiencing high levels of stress. That's where this specially designed and professionally recorded audio track can help.

The techniques used in this product combine the best techniques from my hundreds of hours of experience of helping people like you in one to one therapy sessions, combined with some powerful hypnotic language and other applied principles of influence plus a relaxing audio backing track.

Together these elements combine to create a powerful and highly relaxing 24 minute track that you can comfortably listen to at any time of the day or night; which is designed to help you

Release the day..enjoy the rest - audio cd / mp3

  • Release any emotion from stressful or negative thoughts or situations that have impacted you during your day
  • Relax you deeply enough to feel well rested, but energized when the track has finished its job
  • Clear your mind from unhelpful and annoying mind chatter
  • Build states of calm and confidence towards something that you are planning to do (eg. a meeting, a difficult conversation, a social occasion or even something you normally find unpleasant)
  • Help you sleep better when you are able to go to bed without taking any emotional baggage with you

At this point it might be easier for me to just let you read some feedback from people who have already downloaded this product... otherwise just skip this and go straight to the purchase details... you can have this downloaded and playing on your personal stereo in minutes...

I got the 'Release the Day' download. I really like it. Don't listen on a regular basis but always enjoy it and get new things from it whenever I do hear it. Have used it when feeling really tired and that I might want to drink but it's a week night (so am being good) and it has made me really relaxed. Usually fall asleep during or after it. SK (Canada)
the download has helped me to keep practicing the relaxation techniques.
This continues to be a real help in relaxing and refocusing when things get tough. Julia Bacon B (Cambs, England)
I use it often and have mentioned it to other people who swear by them. Nick create more please Mark Breese (USA)
I felt that regular use of your cd has helped me relax. I have used it consistently and i feel that it has been very effective. Raymond Richardson (Lincolnshire, England)
I can't wait for other products that contain the excellent techniques for relaxation that you incorporated into the CD I've been using . I find I feel more relaxed after listening to your CD than I do when I do my twice-daily Transcendental Meditation routines Donna (Northants, England)
I found the cd & download very useful they were a big help in understanding the problems & relaxing Walter Wise (Stamford, England)
I get something different from it each time I hear it, always 'emerge' feeling relaxed but refreshed
it has helped me to relax before sleeping by the calm voice and commands

I was looking for "anger management" & found your web site. I was also interested in relaxation techniques and am very glad I downloaded "Release the day."

I never considered myself susceptible to hypnosis. I thought i'd just try & see if at least it would help me relax. It does! I have even found I've 'lost' a few minutes and feel refreshed the morning after. I mainly listen to it in late evenings just before bed. It has a good stereo effect & I find I try listening to both of you and don't always consciously manage.

I don't know. I was skeptical but it's worked. I will be considering looking for similar self-help products. Confidence building, assertiveness and possibly other things. It's opened my eyes to some new possibilities. Thank you very much. Quote me if you wish: S. Yakan (Cambridgeshire)


I was having very bad stress,anxiety & panic attack problems.

It is relaxing & you learn a little more each time you listen to it. It also helps boost confidence.


Release the day... ...enjoy the rest 

Release the day..enjoy the rest - audio cd / mp3


Professionally recorded, and using the latest techniques, this product uses double induction to deepen the level of the trance.

A pleasant audio track to help you unwind at the end of the day. It helps you release any worries or stresses and feel positive about upcoming concerns.

Download this now for £8.97 and in 10 minutes you could be kicking your shoes off and enjoying a wonderful relaxing mental massage!

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