Whether you call it rest, relaxation, meditation or self-hypnosis, spending just 15 minutes once or twice a day can have profound benefits on your physical and mental well being and make a positive difference to how you respond to things happening in your life.

Regular relaxation is key to overcoming stress, anxiety and depression.

Relaxation is best practiced somewhere where you can sit quietly without being disturbed, but there is nothing to stop you practicing wherever you are by simply shutting your eyes for a while. Most people find that they can relax more with their eyes shut, but it’s not essential.

Relaxation is like any other exercise. The more you practice, the better you get and the more relaxed you will become when you do it. Here are some well known ways to relax.

Ultradian Rhythms

The article is an interview with Ernest Rossi author of “The Twenty Minute Break“.

In the interview Ernest Rossi talks about ultradian rhythms, a natural 90-120 minute rhythm of activity and rest that occurs in all of us and runs throughout the day. That’s all ultradian means - A rhythm taking place many times a day. Ernest Rossi describes how we can use our Ultradian rhythm to improve our productivity:

"The basic idea is that every hour and a half or so you need to take a rest break - if you don’t you may be well on your way to the Ultradian Stress Syndrome: you get tired and lose your mental focus, you tend to make mistakes, get irritable and have accidents - If you continue to ignore your need to take a break you can experience more and more stress until you actually get sick……… When you learn how to recognize your need to take a 20 minute break you can convert your stress into what I call The Ultradian Healing Response - Its that wonderful feeling of comfort and well being that you naturally have when you are tired but let yourself have the freedom to take well deserved rest…….. There is an entirely new way of understanding what stress actually is! Stress is nature’s signal that we are getting too high on our stress hormones (eg. cortisol, adrenaline) and be need to take a healing break……. Taking a 20 minute healing break allows your mind and body to recover - it more than just a luxury to feel good! Your mind and body needs a chance to build up its internal supplies of available energy - to clear up the backlog of unfinished business and gear up for another hour and a half of good work, play and health…… Many really creative people throughout history - Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison - have noted how their best inspirations seem to come after they have made a great conscious effort to solve a problem and then taken a break when they were initially frustrated with failure. Then after taking a break for a while - lo and behold - the new creative idea seems to pop into their conscious mind all by itself. Taking a 20 Minute Ultradian Break allowed their inner creative mind to work out the answer without outside interference……… In the typical 8 hour workday most people can expect to experience 4 or 5 peak periods when they are at their best in making decisions, planning and doing whatever they have to do. It therefore makes no sense for employers to try to get people to be busy every minute of the work day. The idea is to work smarter, not harder. Taking a 20 minute break every couple of hours or so allowing the mindbody to catch up with itself and create the ideas and energy that is needed to optimize the next work period."

7-11 Breathing

A very powerful technique for relaxing at any time is to use 7/11 breathing – breathe in whilst counting up to 7 in your head, and breathe out to a count of 11. If a count of 7 and 11 is too much use a count which is more comfortable for you, eg. 5/9 or 4/7 etc . The important thing is to make your out-breath longer than the in-breath. You can do this at work, at home, on a train or bus - anywhere and people will not know.

7/11 breathing is great for reducing anxiety and stress. Use it before, during or after stressful events and notice how much calmer you become. It is even known to be effective in reducing the symptoms of a panic attack panic.

The more you practice it, the more you’ll really start to notice the benefits.

The Body Scan

The body scan is a simple, yet powerful relaxation technique. Sit comfortably with your eyes shut. Do it at a nice, slow pace, taking your time.

Make your feet comfortable, notice how that comfort feels, and pay attention to the sensations in your feet. On a long in-breath and a count of 1 bring those feelings up to your knees. Next, on another long in-breath and a count of 2, let the feelings float up to your waist; on a count of 3 pull the feeling up to your shoulders and a count of 4 up over your head. Pause for a moment to notice the pleasant sensations over the whole of your body.

Next, and on a big out-breath, and a count of 5 double the feelings down from your head to your shoulders, and on a count of 6 double them down to your waist; a count of 7 to double them down to your knees, and finally on a count of 8 double it down to your feet and imagine all the tension in your body leaving through the soles of your feet.

Like any skill the more you do it the easier and deeper it gets and the more benefits you will begin to notice.

Listen to a guided meditation or  hypnosis tracks

Another effective way to learn to relax is to listen to guided meditation or hypnosis tracks. Make sure you choose ones of reputable quality because there are a lot of people selling these products online, and some of them are really dubious. Always ensure that you follow the instructions provided with the track, and never listen to them while driving, operating heavy machinery or in situations where you need to concentrate.  I can recommend this track to help you relax effectively

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Other relaxation techniques

There are many other ways to relax and most towns these days have people teaching one or more of the following. I have provided links to people I can recommend, from my own experience, in Peterborough and the surrounding areas.

  • Yoga
  • Reiki
  • Meditation
  • Tai chi
  • Aromatherapy
  • Reflexology
  • Massage

Find one that suits you, give it a go, and notice the benefits.

A good therapist can also help you to learn skills to relax, including teaching you self hypnosis. To find out how I can help you to relax, please contact me . Here is the number. 

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