If you are reading this, you are probably already at the end of your tether. I want to ask you a few questions....

Do your panic attacks....

  • have total grip and control of your life?
  • leave you paralised, terrorised, sick to the stomach?
  • fill you with uncontrollable butterflies, sweaty palms, a racing heart, breathlessness and an inability to concentrate?
  • feel like they are spreading to other areas of your life?
  • feel completely irrational and illogical because they simply come out of nowhere?
  • rob you of the life you really want to live and interfere with the lives of your family and friends?
  • have you wondering in absolute fear when or where the next one will happen, so you just don't go anywhere anymore?
  • have you screaming out for normality again?

You are not alone; and its not your fault. You might have been searching a long time for a lasting solution to this problem and maybe you have even have found some coping mechaisms that work some of the time. Relax.... you are in the right place....

I have hundreds of hours direct experience of helping people like you stop panic attacks. You can function normally again and feel in control of your life, and you may be surpised to find out that it doesn't need to be a painful or lengthy process. I combine many of the latest approaches to ensure high success rates.

Why don't you call me now and we can have a free chat about your specific situation. I can tell quickly whether I will be able to help you or whether I can refer you on to somebody else. Here's the number...

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Nick Meredith - Therapist, Coach - Using Hypnotherapy, NLP and Solution Focussed Therapy

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I normally work from my office in Wansford, just outside Peterborough in the Cambridgeshire region. I also practice from the Barns at Wansford Surgery.

I am accessible from Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire and places like Peterborough, Cambridge, Oundle, Stamford, Rutland, Wisbech, Oakham, Market Deeping, Huntingdon, March, Bourne, Corby, Whittlesey, Ramsey, Spalding and Kettering. I work with clients from accross the UK.

Feedback from clients I have worked with

“We have used Nick Meredith as a useful referral option for many patients with anxiety, depression and  phobias and the feedback from patients has been excellent with significant improvements in wellbeing in a short space of time”.  Dr Amrit Takhar (Wansford Surgery)

I came to see you for help with:
I came to you for help with my panic attacks. After suffering for 15 years and trying every therapy known to man! I was hoping to see a reduction in severety and frequency in the hope i could regain some calm in my life.
My experience of the session:

I found it very helpful to view my attacks from a clinical point instead of a personal one in understanding how they affect the body and thought processes which helped me to relax into the hypnosis session. This was invaluble as i found i spent the whole of that day unusually calm afterwards and was able to hold onto that when i needed it.

Impact on my life:

I'm glad i came to you and wouldn't hesitate to recommend to a friend as i've seen very positive changes in my life since my therapy. I still have panic attacks but they are far less agressive and not as frequent in spite of some severe domestic challenges to my equilibrium!! I feel better able to cope with them and think that given time and a few changes in my lifestyle i may even wave goodbye to them at some point in the future.

Emma Usher (Peterborough) [Chronic Panic Attacks, Anxiety]

February 2011


I came to see you for help with:
Suffering from extreme anxiety, panic attacks and severe depression. Was really clutching at straws for someone to help.
My experience of the session:

Was very sceptical as my condition was so bad. Couldn't believe how quickly session time had passed. Felt better from the moment I left the session. Somehow instantly lighter.

Impact on my life:

I had been suffering panic attacks everytime I went on holiday or any major thing happened in my life for 20 years. Since I had just my one session I've not had panic attack since, have coped with redundancy, illness and holidays without any anxiety. Just returned from Egypt last month. Can't believe it's a coincidence that everything changed so dramatically after session, so must have been hypnosis. Still practise relaxation, visualisation and 7/11 breathing. I am really so thankful that I got my life back.

Margaret M (Peterborough) [Anxiety, Panic Attacks]

April 2010


I came to see you for help with:
I originally came for help with panic attacks, i wanted to achieve the confidence to go out without these attacks happening. 
My experience of the session:
I think my sessions went really well. The information, hypnosis & the techniques you taught me were very helpful to cope with my problem.(Which i use quite often now)

Impact on my life:
I now feel more confident about myself & it has made a positive change to me.  
Walter Wise (Stamford) [Panic Attacks, Depression]


I came to see you for help with:
Post traumatic stress diagnosed by G.P. and wanted to address the issues of being able to come to terms with the death of my father and return back to my normal way of life.      
My experience of the session:
The techniques taught I still continue to use together with the tape. I feel very comfortable with the treatment and now use it to relax. I cannot think of improvements as in my case it was extremely successful

Impact on my life:
After each session I was able to focus and achieve progress on the particular issues concerned. Throughout the whole experience was a series of positives.  
JB (Cambridgeshire) [Post Traumatic Stress, Bereavement, Panic Attacks while driving]


What is a Panic Attack?

A panic attack is caused by the inappropriate firing off of the fight or flight response - the body's alarm system. The recongised criteria for diagnosing a panic attack are shown below

Core beliefs that fuel panic attacks

It is common that the first time a person experiences a panic attack, they may mistake the symptoms for

  • Dying from a heart attack
  • Dying from suffocation
  • Having a stroke
  • Going to faint
  • Having a nervous breakdown or "going crazy"
  • Losing control
  • Feeling so weak that you can't move or might fall down
  • Believing you are going to be embarrassed or humiliated

An eeffective way to calm somebody down from a panic attack is to take them through 7-11 breathing as soon as possible. When they calm down,


DSM-IV Criteria for diagnosing a Panic Attack

A discrete period of intense fear or discomfort in which four (or more) of the following symptoms develop abruptly and reach a peak within 10 minutes

  1. palpitations, pounding heart, or accelerated heart rate

  2. sweating

  3. trembling or shaking

  4. sensations of shortness of breath or smothering

  5. feeling of choking

  6. chest pain or discomfort

  7. nausea or abdominal distress

  8. feeling dizzy, unsteady, lightheaded, or faint

  9. feelings of unreality (derealization) or being detached from oneself (depersonalization)

  10. fear of losing control or going crazy

  11. fear of dying

  12. numbness or tingling sensations (paresthesias)

  13. chills or hot flushes

The presence of fewer than four of the above symptoms may be considered a limited-symptom panic attack.

Panic Disorder

The diagnostic criteria for panic disorder is defined in the DSM-IV-TR as follows:

Recurrent unexpected panic attacks and at least one of the attacks have been followed by 1 month (or more) of one (or more) of the following:

  • The attacks are not due to the direct physiological effects of a substance (such as drug of abuse or a medication), or a general medical condition.
  • The attacks are not better accounted for by another mental disorder, such as social phobia (such as occurring on exposure to feared social situations), specific phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder or separation anxiety disorder

If the above criteria are met, the diagnosis is further clarified by the presence or absence of agoraphobia (such as Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia or Panic Disorder without Agoraphobia).




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