Integral Eye Movement Therapy

An Effective Brief Psychotherapy for Emotional Change

Integral Eye Movement Therapy is a brief therapy that utilises the application of neurological principles in order to generate rapid change in the area of undesired neurological imprints.

The I.E.M. therapy model answers the question, "How did you learn to feel this way, about that thing?" and applies specific change at the right neuro-logical level.

By building resources inside the problem state, I.E.M. Therapy brings you more into the present and enables you to stay out of past negative experiences permanently.

For the practitioner, IEM Therapy is about precise calibration. Unlike other treatments involving eye movements, with I.E.M. Therapy the eye movements are not random nor simply a repetitive left and right movement in the hope that change will occur. The training provides the tools for the practitioner to precisely calibrate which axis through which to move the eyes enabling change work to occur with precision and a remarkable speed.

The "Identity and Linguistics" module teaches how to identify the behavioural and psychological patterns that are common to clients who appear to have a "resistant" problem that has defied all previous change work. Often with these clients, we can find that their therapist has been trying the right approach, but usually applying at an inappropriate level within the client's model of identity.

Eye movement therapy in the Media: BBC Inside Out East - Monday 12th October 2009

"BBC Inside Out follows the story of Suzanne Gibbons who witnessed a fatal motorbike crash near Lowestoft two years ago. Shock turned into post traumatic stress disorder and she has been unable to work or drive a car due to flashbacks. A course of treatment with Norfolk therapist Sue Bayliss has helped to restore her life." <more...>


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Interview with Andrew Austin, the creator of Integral Eye Movement Therapy

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