Let me guess? You are waiting to do your driving test and it is scaring the living daylights out of you? Let me ask you something..

  • are you confused as to why you are so nervous about the test when you have taken all the lessons?

  • you know you can can drive, you know all the theory, but when you do the test you go to pieces. Why?
  • does the thought of doing the driving test make you feel sick with worry and your stomach is churning as you think about it now?
  • never mind the test, are you nervous whenever you drive in the car?
  • are you permanently worrying about having an accident whenever you are in the car?
  • are you worried that because you have already failed the test before. it will happen again?
  • Are you absolutely fed up with the sweaty palms, the lump in the throat, the breathlessness, the rapid heart beat and the shortness of breath when you take the test?

You probably wouldn’t be here if driving test nerves weren’t an issue. Firstly, be sure that you are not alone. I am sure it can seem unfair after all of your training and preparation that it comes down a 1 hour test. Unfortunately, that is the simple truth even though you “know your stuff” and you know you can drive and your driving instructor knows you can drive. You also probably already know that the answer is to feel more relaxed, which is easier said than done. Well you can relax.... you are in the right place....

I have hundreds of hours direct experience of helping people like you feel much calmer before and during the driving test. You can feel more relaxed and calm and feel in control on the day, and you may be surprised to find out that it doesn't need to be a painful or lengthy process. I combine many of the latest approaches to ensure high success rates.

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This information may be useful for people who are experiencing driving test nerves and want to feel more confident about the driving test. Driving test confidence is possible. When you are more relaxed and confident about your driving test then it makes the chances of passing the driving test even greater. Fear of the driving test may seem unexplainable or irrational, but this page will help you understand why it can happen. Sometimes being scared of the test can be the only thing standing between you and that moment when you pass the driving test. There is also mention of a powerful coaching session to help you make the change you need in order to get rid of your fear of the driving test. I have also created a really effective audio cd for driving test nerves. In addition you can download an mp3 version of the same programme here.

I came to see you for help with:
Driving test nerves- wanting to get rid of nerves

My experience of the session:
The whole service was excellent in content and provided excellent information which helped me on the day of my test. I found the hypnosis and eliminating my negative thoughts associated with my driving test briliant as it completely got rid of my fears and associations with past experiences. I felt relived and light after my session, I was able to go into my test carm and relaxed. The CD reinforced everything that was discussed in the session and provided me with a excellent resource to rely upon on the days leading up to my test.

Impact on my life:
I found the service to be excellent as I was able to take my driving test with confidence on the day as my fears and negative thoughts associated with the test were completely eliminated.

Thanks Nick with your help I passed my test!!   

Sue Mahay (East Midlands) [Driving Test Nerves]

Driving test nerves information

Causes of driving test nerves

In my experience with previous clients, the main contributors to driving test nerves are

  • Not having done enough practice or lessons – an obvious one, but it needs mentioning none the less, and the good thing is that you can do something about this. When your driving instructor decides that you are ready, then that has to be a BIG vote of confidence for you.
  • I can highly recommend this web site as a good place to start for all things related to the driving test. It is run by a retired driving examiner and contains a wealth of useful information that can really help you. www.drivingtestonline.co.uk
  • Fear of the unknown based on your “preconceptions” or “misconceptions” of what the test may be like. Normally based on hearsay from friends and family. It seems to be a “macho” thing to tell other people how stressful and difficult the test was – even if it wasn’t. Also simply the negative association with words “test” or “exam” can bring about unhelpful feelings or thoughts.
  • Fear based on something that happened to you in the past such as failing a test or exam or being in a car accident. Sometimes your mind will try to “protect” you from getting into the “traumatic” situation again by initiating the fight or flight response whenever you think about the test, and sometimes you may not be aware that you are doing this. In these cases, you may experience sweaty hands, the heart pounding, “butterflies” in the stomach” and hyperventilation at the very thought of doing the driving test

Tips for overcoming driving test nerves

In many cases, you will find that when you actually do the test that you will be okay. You may experience a few nerves, but once you get going, everything will start to fall into place as you practiced it. It helps to bear the following points in mind

1.   Make sure you have done sufficient training; whether this is with a qualified driving instructor (recommended) or somebody you know who is a competent teacher. Remember that a driving instructor will not recommend you for a test if he/she doesn’t think you are ready. It is his/her reputation on the line as well! You can fnd local driving instructors by clicking on this page.

2.   Trust yourself to be competent on the day. Think back to other tests where you have felt nervous before but where things went well in spite of the nerves


3.   From now on think of nerves as PREPARATION. A certain level of nerves is always helpful to motivate you and to get just the right amount of adrenaline flowing through the body to perform at your best when the time comes. Preparation also includes consideration for things like

  • turning up for the test with plenty of time to spare time,
  • booking the test for that part of the day when you are at your best (i.e. Are you a morning person?, if not, don’t book the test in the morning)
  • ensuring you get a good night’s sleep the day before the test
  • ensuring that you eat properly before the test. Would you try to drive a car without fueling it first?

4.   Spend some time sitting down in a quiet place and IMAGINE how the test will go well. Close your eyes, take in a few deep breaths and then see yourself running through the entire test in your imagination. Notice what you are doing (e.g. Steering, changing gears, looking in the mirror...) and notice the positive, relaxing feelings. Run through the whole test in your mind and see yourself walking out at the end with a big smile and holding the pass certificate in your hand. How good does that feel? Do this 2 or 3 times right through from beginning to end. Don’t underestimate the power of this technique. The following story may help you to realise its power.

“There is a a documented experiment conducted by psychologist Alan Richardson. A group of student basketball players was divided into three groups and tested as to their ability to throw a basketball into a basket. One group was instructed to practice every day for a month. Another group was told to imagine throwing balls into the basket for thirty minutes every day for the same month. The third group was told to do nothing, not even think about it. After a month the first group, the group that actually physically practiced had improved an average of 32%. The group that did the mental rehearsal had improved an average of 31%. The third group was unchanged in skill level.”

5.   Learn techniques to help you relax, such as 7-11 breathing, self hypnosis or something similar.

6.  In the instances where you fail, or have failed before, see this as positive feedback that you can benefit from. Contrary to what you may think, the testers are not there to fail you, they are there to pass you, and it is for your safety that they will have decided that you are not yet ready to drive. Learn from it and come back even better.

7.  Download or purchase a Hypnosis CD / MP3 to help you to overcome driving test nerves and listen to it as instructed. In many cases this can be effective in giving you that extra edge on the day. Be careful to select one of reputable quality, there are a lot of really poor quality efforts out there. I can recommend www.drive-test-nerves-away.com  from my products. Click the Buy Now button to purchase right now.

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In some cases, you may prefer to actually have the full attention of a professional hypnotherapist, psychotherapist or coach who can work with you on a one to one basis to help you get the results you desire. Read on to find out my approach

The D.R.I.V.E test nerves away Coaching Session

In a 2 hour hands on coaching session, using my D.R.I.V.E approach (which has been developed through working with many clients with test or exam nerves), I will cover the following areas with you....

  • Teach you several techniques to relax yourself  (just the right level, not too much!!) both before and on the day
  • Eliminate any unhelpful and limiting fears/phobias you may have about driving or doing tests
  • Teach you my D.R.I.V.E. approach to eliminating test nerves, developed from working with past clients experiencing test and exam nerves
  • Provide you with a method of getting in the zone on the day of the test
  • Hypnotically rehearse the entire driving test going the way you want it to go
  • Provide you with an audio CD for you to take home and listen to. The purpose of this will be to further reinforce the mental rehearsal work in the session.
  • Provide free support via phone or email right up until you have done the test

The cost of this session, including the two hour session with me, all handouts, the CD and follow up support is shown on the charges page.



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