What does feeling confident mean for you? Let me start by asking a few questions...

Do you...

  • regularly say things like "I hate myself" and call yourself terrible names (that you wouldn't even call others people)?

  • find yourself doing lots of nice, caring things for others but for some reason can't or don't do the same for yourself?

  • just have a general sense and feeling that others are better than you, and that is just the way it is?
  • regularly doubt yourself and your ability with thoughts like "I am not good enough"?
  • deliberately avoid situations and doing things because you worry what other people might think or say and then kick yourself afterwards because you know you could have done them?
  • find yourself always needing to seek approval from others?
  • find it difficult, even painful to accept compliments made about you or to you?
  • notice that you are much harder and harsher on yourself than others?
  • you sometimes attract people into your life who confirm your beliefs about yourself?

You are not alone; and most people from time to time have dips in their confidence. I am sure that even though at some level you realise that all human beings are born with complete self worth, that this doesn't help you right now and you may even find the statement difficult to believe. Relax... you are in the right place...

They say that a "A diamond isn't aware of its own worth" and I have many hours direct experience of helping people like you improve your self worth and regain your confidence. You can become confident in whatever way that means for you and it doesn't need to be painful or lengthy process..

Why don't you call me now and we can have a free chat about your specific situation. I can tell quickly whether I will be able to help you or whether I can refer you on to somebody else. Here's the number...

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Nick Meredith - Therapist, Coach - Using Hypnotherapy, NLP and Solution Focussed Therapy

Nick Meredith



I normally work from my office in Wansford, just outside Peterborough in the Cambridgeshire region. I also practice from the Barns at Wansford Surgery.

I am accessible from Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire and places like Peterborough, Cambridge, Oundle, Stamford, Rutland, Wisbech, Oakham, Market Deeping, Huntingdon, March, Bourne, Corby, Whittlesey, Ramsey, Spalding and Kettering. I work with clients from across the UK.

Feedback from some clients I have worked with

I came to see you for help with:
Relationship and self esteem problems. I wanted to get closure on my previous relationship and build on my self esteem.     

My experience of the session:
I really liked the session I had.  It went so quickly. One session was all that I needed.  My life and outlook has improved considerably and as a result my life has changed.   

Impact on my life:
Therapy has made a huge positive impact.  My self esteem grows everyday and my previous relationship no longer bothers me. My life has completely changed and so has my outlook.   

SL (Peterborough) [ Self Esteem, Getting over a relationship]

I came to see you for help with:
I was lacking confidence to cold call businesses - a key to the growth and success of my business.  My focus was completely on failure so was avoiding making calls, even though in reality I actually do have a good success rate.  
My experience of the session:
It was useful to go over all the elements of the sale process, identify some experiences which may have triggered this.  I found the process of finding out how I visualised things in my mind very useful and was explained very clearly.  Finally, the hypnosis session, the parts I remember, was comfortable.  Nick also gave me additional information and references to consider, so I felt that it was a very 'holistic' session.

Impact on my life:
Immediately upon leaving I felt very positive and keen to put things into action.  There was a moment of reluctance to start, just in case I felt know change, but in fact this was not the case. I have to say that I realise that I do need to ensure that I listen to the tape provided on a very regular basis - I did stop listening to it for about a week, thinking the issue was no longer there, but then felt myself slipping back into some old thinking.  A couple of nights listening to the tape again has definitely resolved that.   
Sally Measures (Peterborough) [Motivation, High Performance Coaching]


I came to see you for help with:
A lot of stress going on in my life due to a divorce.I wanted to feel more relaxed and be relieved of the daily tension I was suffering

My experience of the session:

I was quite happy with conditions ,relaxing and comfortable

Impact on my life:
I did not feel any particlular change at first but gradually using the the exercises helped. Quite significant this was when I coped very well with a phone call from my ex husband. I am a person that seems to be always doing something ,I now find making time to listen to the cd is good for me to relax .I try hard now to think and use the breating exersise before going into a panic about everything .

DH (Cambridgeshire) [Stress, Anxiety, Self Esteem]


I came to see you for help with:
An issue of confidence facing a long awaited assessment which was triggering off bad memories of a negative experience with a similar situation

My experience of the session:
The session was conducted very professionally. I felt at ease within a short time of arriving. The reassurance discussion was very useful but the hypnotherapy session was the event that made the biggest difference. I went away feeling extremely relaxed  and had s very good night's sleep in a long time. My subconscious obviously needed some work done to it. Tremendous help. I used it at least once a day and nearer the event, twice a day. The CD coupled with the 7/11 breathing got me through

Impact on my life:

The session was a positive trigger to other actions I took in following your advice and the collective impact was VERY POSITIVE. I am pleased to let you know that I passed my assessment with flying colours and am now deemed qualifie which opens up all sorts of other doors for me. With hindsight, I wonder what all the fuss I made was all about! I just want to thanks you for our first session and all the subsequent support you gave. With your help, I have at last exorcised the demon that had been haunting me for the last 10+ years!

Anonymous [Confidence, Anxiety, Performance Nerves]


I came to see you for help with:
controlling my anger and improve self esteem to ultmately lead to a happier existence

My experience of the session:
i feel you uncovered some real issues  and gave me practical means to overcome them 
Impact on my life:
i felt better able to deal with the problems in a positive manner     
[Anger, Self Esteem]


I came to see you for help with:
I had issues with confidence in the work place, I always felt there was a big learning curve when taking on something new and that people were talking about me. I wanted to become more confident and less paranoid.

My experience of the session:
I found the session very worth while. The relaxation techniques were very useful and I felt immediately relaxed during the hypnosis section of the session.

Impact on my life:

After the session I felt positive and relaxed. It put my issues into prospective and it has helped me gain more confidence which is what I originally set out to achieve.

I have not felt the need to use the cd at the moment but will use it in the future if I need to and I am happy that I have it if I do have a lapse in confidence

D Harrison-Smith [Self Esteem, Confidence]


“We have used Nick Meredith as a useful referral option for many patients with anxiety, depression and  phobias and the feedback from patients has been excellent with significant improvements in wellbeing in a short space of time”.  Dr Amrit Takhar (Wansford Surgery)

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